Disable leak detection

I’d like to know if there is anyway (perhaps a macro?) to deactivate juce leak detection. It keeps yelling at me whenever I have static data, and since I only have std::unique_ptrs in my code, I’m pretty sure I don’t have any actual leaks.

I know it’s only debug warnings, but they tend to muddle other very usefull juce asserts, as well as scaring me every time I debug a while after having added a static variable.

Well, there’s a flag JUCE_CHECK_MEMORY_LEAKS

But I would say that I’ve worked on some huge, complex and gnarly projects but have never needed to disable it. If I were you I’d take that as an alarm bell that you maybe need to rethink your code structure.

Perhaps rather than static variables, you should try having a global state singleton that contains all the objects you need? Or try using SharedResourcePointer to create them on demand? Or just singletons which use DeletedAtShutdown to clean themselves up?

Well, that’s what I’ve been doing to clean up my log, but I don’t think it’s always ideal. It’s mostly manager classes, like undo manager, audio format manager and command manager. I’ve wrapped all of them in singletons, but it felt like a hack since most of them don’t need initilization outside of their constructors.

so to disable leak detection I should use

thanks a lot for the tips