Reporting memory leaks

This feature was really nice (since i use VC), is this somehow disable, is there some switch option i need for it to work again, ofcourse the #defines in juce_config stay the same, i tried both amalgamated and linking to static library, and i get no memory leaks report (and i know they are there).

I use MSVS 2008 V9.0.21022.8 RTM both x86 and x64 platforms.
i have


and i’m doing a DEBUG build.

It’s still in there, I’ve not touched it… I’m using VC9 and it’s reporting correctly…

Maybe you’ve not got any leaks!

that’s impossible

i’ll try a sample project and leak some memory on purpose.

i had to set JUCE_FORCE_DEBUG to 1 somehow JUCE_DEBUG definition in the project didn’t work, dunno why.

anyway it works, thanks.

Reading this, I suddenly remember that I have had the problem with JUCE_DEBUG as well… I probably meant to report it, but then - well, didn’t.

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Yes i had the same issue with JUCE_DEBUG, in OSX it doesn’t seem to work.