Disabling Parameters for Demo Plugin


We’re rolling out our first commercial audio effects plugin with JUCE.

We’d like to be able to disable our parameter list (or remove the ability to control parameters via the DAW) for our demo version. Then, when the user pops in their license to activate the plugin, the parameters would become accessible via the DAW. Is this possible with the ValueTree class? If not, any work arounds or suggestions would be most welcome.

Thanks in advance.


I’m afraid that’s going to be very difficult whichever parameter management method you choose - JUCE doesn’t support a dynamic number of plug-in parameters.

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Let’s say the number of parameters remains fixed. Do we have the option of disabling/reenabling all params through a single action?

AFAIK no DAW out there has a notion of enabled/disabled automation parameters, thus the user would have no indication of that.

Apart from that, you can certainly ignore whatever change is done on your automation parameters if the software is in demo mode. That is equivalent to disabling them and having them enabled again the moment the plug-in is authorized

So, parameters are exposed but ineffective. I guess that’s what we’ll do!