Dll crashes when loading some vst's


hi there,

i have juce as a dll and one of the problem’s i have, is it crashes when loading some plugins. i would say it’s about 50/50% - half of the vst plugins work flawlessly, and on loading one of the other half juce and my main application crash.

when i make a standalone of the juce dll, they all work.

i’ve been trying to find some sort of pattern in the plugins, the only pattern i can find is that you can pretty much say that the plugins from company X work, whereas the plugins from company Y don’t work.

So i’m wondering if i’m missing some sort of dll initializatin that would be requred by only certain plugins.

I’m currently calling initialiseJuce_GUI() and PlatformUtilities::setCurrentModuleInstanceHandle(myModule) to initialze the dll. Am i missing something?

many thanks.


No, don’t think it’ll be that. Normally when you see bugs like this it’s something obscure, like the exact order that you call the plugin’s initialisation functions, or the threads that you’re using.