Problem with initialiseJuce_NonGUI

I’m trying to use JUCE for some parts of a VST plugin that is not written with the VST wrapper of JUCE.

I’m unable to load the VST in Live because, if I call initialiseJuce_NonGUI, it crashes Ableton Live 7

I’ve seen in the Juce VST wrapper that there is a comment about initialiseJuce_GUI crashing the host… so I think you already have had similar problems. How do I solve this?

I’ve noticed that the problem is caused by the following line in initialiseStats ():

[NSApplication sharedApplication];

Is this known to cause possible side effects?

No, wouldn’t have thought it’d affect anything…

I found that, if I uncomment the NSApplicationLoad() line that precedes it, the crash does not happen.

Since that function is related to Carbon-Cocoa interaction (as far as I can tell from online documentation), is it possibile that it is needed if I want to load my plugin in a host that does not support Cocoa natively yet?

Well yes, if the host is so old-school that it doesn’t even call NSApplicationLoad itself, then it might indeed have problems!

Hello yfede,
FWIW, here at Arturia we have done something similar when updating our plugins to V2.0: the plugins are still VSTGui based, but use Juce for a selected part of the UI (SoundMap).
So we do call initialiseJuce_GUI() (not NonGUI of course) and never encountered problem doing so.