JuceAppDelegate is called on MAC if there is no JUCE gui

I have a Photoshop plugin that uses JUCE, but it has no user interface and juce is initialised by calling the initialiseJuceNonGUI function. I assumed that in a non gui mode, the application delegate is not set up at all. But at a certain point of the execution, the JuceAppDelegate class is called and it obviously crashes. I don’t understand this behaviour. Can you explain it?

Photoshop plugin, eh? Sounds interesting!

Maybe you’re using some classes that depend on events or the message queue? That’d definitely require you to initialise all the gui stuff.

…but this is why I’m moving to the new modularised design - if you try the modules branch, you could link to just the core and messaging classes, and avoid the actual gui classes - it gives you a lot more control over which bits of the library you use.