DLLMain issue

Looks like after the upgrade (Juce 5), I lost the ability to compile multiple plugins (AAX, VST) in one project on windows.

I get DLLMain already defined. I thought I was linking AAX and VST both staticly, but I’ve never understood the whole JucePlugin_AAXLibs_path thing … so I must be missing something.

Not sure … just noticed the error popped up, let me know what change is required.


Did you re-compile the Projucer and re-introjuce your project?

I’m not actually using the ProJucer, since the project predates it, I’ve just never felt the need to rebuild it.

Was there some change though? I thought Juce wrapped / renamed the DLL main functions … kinda hazy on the details.

Well the main entry points into the plug-ins were moved around a bit so that they are only compiled when the relevant target is compiled. Especially, RTAS needed quite some re-working.

Yeah, makes sense. It makes it difficult to include them all in a single project with post build scripts for the different plugins … but no biggie.

I’ve been meaning to rebuild the projects with the projucer anyway, so I’ll do that and I’m sure it will clear up the issue.