DLLs and DBG

So i’m working on some VST code. I’m having some problems so i need
to debug, howveer i alwas did it the worst way possible (define a function
that writes a string to a file, every call opened and closed the file, non buffered, no formatting, a general bad idea). So i know that JUCE has
DBG defined and it works only in debug builds, but VST DLLs gave no
error stream and the DBG macro writes the stuff to “outer space”, i would
like to write my own macro, i saw some code in:
juce/src/juce_core/basics/juce_PlatformDefs.h but it’s using the Logger class,
is there some way to overload this with a stream defined to a file or a Component, or maybe there is some nicer way to debug VST DLLs.


Well the best way to debug them is just to actually debug them! If you’re on Visual Studio or XCode, you can just start the host app as your executable to debug, and debug your dll just like a regular app. That also gives you all the DBG output too, of course.

cool i’ll try that, i’ll need some kind of a smaller host though FLStudio isn’t exactly the best choice.

btw i saw a GUI VST tester app written by someone, that loaded the plugin only, a very minimal host like. does anyone know of a very small VST host, like the one from Tobybear, but maybe even smaller?

i always do my first VST debugging in energyXT (it’s very light indeed), although you’re really not doing anyone any favours if you don’t try it in all hosts you can find ultimately.