DnD inconsistencies

Hi guys,

just something I ve sport in the code:
from the DragAndDropTarget html doc page

Note: If all that you need to do is to respond to files being drag-and-dropped from the operating system onto your component, you don’t need any of these classes: you can do this simply by overriding Component::filesDropped().

from the code in juce_component.h
// This is included here just to cause a compile error if your code is still handling
// drag-and-drop with this method. If so, just update it to use the new FileDragAndDropTarget
// class, which is easy (just make your class inherit from FileDragAndDropTarget, and
// implement its methods instead of this Component method).
virtual void filesDropped (const StringArray&, int, int) {}

who trust ?? :slight_smile:


juce 1.45 just came out today with that change, I assume the docs haven’t been updated yet.

Ah, sorry, I forgot to upload the new docs! Have done it now, ta for the reminder!

Nevermind… figured it out… Can we get a delete post button?