Do not pause mobile app

Hello friends, I am starting my studies in juce and I’m trying to building a midi mobile app to IOS devices. This app is just a midi player based on “Sine Wave Synthesiser” tutorial and I already managed to connect my midi controller to app and I already managed to run my app on a real device, but when I play the app pauses, and I would like to now if someone can help me to discovery how can I keep the app opened and dont pause it when I’m using it.

Someone could help me with this question?

It’s hard from your description to understand your exact issue.

Few suggestions:

  • share GitHub repo, you can easily share a repo our code snippets.

  • permissions, Apple and mobile devices requires being explicit on what you’re going to use.
    For iOS background audio might be needed. But also background Bluetooth/ BLE (you can check the exact ones as they’re in projucer or cmake flags)


Thanks you so much for your comment ttg, I realy apreciated it!
I’m going try to explain better.

When you are using your cellphone for any porpose when you don’t touch on screen for a time the screen get closes and the app stops (pause), so what I would like to know is what can I do to keep app runing and screen opened, even if I don’t touching on the screen.

Excuse me by my english that is not so good.

Could you understand better now my issue?

If you’re using Projucer, make sure your exporter has Background Audio enabled.

If you need the screen to be kept on,
setScreenSaverDisabled (which indeed have an old name for what it actually does on iOS :slight_smile: )

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TTG, one more time, thank you so much, I’m going try to do this :grin:

You realy helped me!