Do you need a totally unique plugin code? Or is it the combination of plugin code and manu code?

Is there any place to register your plugin codes so they are not same as someone else’s, or is it a combination of the plugin code and the manu code that allows a plugin to be unique? In other words, if your plugin code happens to be the same as someone else’s, but your manu code is different, you are good to go?

And any way to register a manu code? Apple used to have a way to register CreatorTypes back in the day… Or do you just hope that yours is not being used by someone else?

The plugin code does matter, I found this out when creating a templating script that didn’t replace the main <JUCERPROJECT> id (from which the plugin code is derived if not explicitly set).

There are 456976 combinations of the plugin code (if I understood it correctly), and although that leaves plenty of scope for total number of plugins in the wild, it doesn’t really give that much wiggle room for collisions happening by chance really.

No idea how you’re supposed to guarantee that yours won’t clash, because the result is that the 2nd plugin you install with a colliding plugin code will open whichever plugin got installed first with that code, perhaps someone with more knowledge can chime in?

It would be a damn useful community website that had a database of existing plugin codes if there is no mechanism for discovering them otherwise!

edit: no idea if it’s the combo of plugin code and manufacturer code, quite easy to test though, fingers crossed it is the combination, because that will almost entirely negate the collision problem.

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Vst2 doesn’t have a manufacturer’s code. Steinberg used to have a website where you could register plugin codes, and it would complain about collisions, but I have no idea if it’s still functional.


Just tried to re-register “NEXU” again and it was refused (which is correct) because I registered it 14 years ago.

So I would continue using it, in the hopes that other devs also did.

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Interesting to note that I tried filling in the form with my plugins, and 3 out of the 4 (with randomly generated plugin codes from the Projucer) clashed with already registered plugins on that website! :grimacing:

edit: anyone have any idea if changing the plugin code could cause any issue? I can well imagine opening old projects as a potential issue :frowning:

replace potential with definite :-/

If the user has both clashing installed, the host will load one of them, probably more or less random. Maybe if you have the higher version numbers, your plugin always wins :sunglasses:

Is this still a problem with VST3 btw.?
In AU land IIRC all three, type, manufacturer and plugin code together need to be unique, so much better chance there…

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Oh yeah, I understand that having clashing IDs causes huge headaches when they both installed, but what I was wondering is if I change my plugins IDs to something suggested by Steinberg, will that cause an issue for existing users? i.e. they have a project saved when the plugin ID was Clsh and now they installed a new version with the ID Miss, will there be a problem opening that project? I suppose I just need to test when I can get a chance :wink:

I’m afraid I would expect that the project wouldn’t load with your plugin inserted anymore :sob:

Yes, if you change the ID to Miss, the host will think it’s a completely different plug-in, therefore it will not load it because it is searching for a plug-in whose code is Clsh.

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What rotten luck I had, it’s a damn shame there is no way to find out which ones I’m clashing with, because if they were defunct I might consider just ignoring the clash :frowning:

I’m not sure about all DAWs, but I know that Reaper, if the plugin is no longer available, will alert you to that fact on loading the project and then you can go replace it with the new plugin with new code…

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This setting needs to be explained much better in the Projucer imo, with what the implications are of just leaving it to be auto-generated. God knows why Steinberg decided that 4 alphanumeric characters would be sufficient, 8 bytes would have given an insane number of combinations which would have meant being extremely unlucky to collide.

Steinberg could never imagine that there is market for more than 456976 VSTs :wink:

At my last registration I was not able to register a upper-case letter (Projucer mentions that for AU-compatibilty, the id must contain one upper-case letter) , so I took that one what was suggested and changed one letter to uppercase (I wonder if this has any negative effects.)

Who needs more than 640kb RAM or 4.2 billion devices on the Internet? :joy: