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const StringArray& URL::getParameterNames ( ) const noexcept

Returns an array of the names of all the URL’s parameters.

E.g. for the url “”, this array would contain two items: “type” and “[color=#FF0000]haddock—>amount instead[/color]”.

You can call getParameterValues() to get the corresponding value of each parameter. Note that the list can contain multiple parameters with the same name.

See Also
getParameterValues, withParameter



I have problem with url parameters :

URL url (""); DBG (url.withParameter ("amount", "some fish").toString(true));
where is the ‘+’ ?


OSX 10.7.5
recent tip from 15 april 2013

Pretty sure I stopped it using a “+” because of some kind of problem… It was a long time ago though, and I can’t remember the details. It shouldn’t make any difference though, %20 parses to exactly the same result.