URL gets malformed?

after updating to the tip the url parsing seems to fail when the url has parameters.

I did some debugging and found that the url::toString does something strange and adds stuff:

String test1 = T("http://www.test.com/index.php?id=123"); URL url = URL (test1); String test2 = url.toString(true);

gives this as result:

http://www.test.com/index.php?id 뫫%2B%2B%2B=123 뫫%2B%2B%2B

trying to launch the url with launchInDefaultBrowser fails accordingly.

Weird. Thanks, I’ll sort that out right away.

Ok, I couldn’t replicate what you’re seeing, but I think I found a bug that was probably causing it - grab the tip now and see if it helps…

that worked, thanks!