Does Juce provides any database class/models?



I just found this project and has been greatly excited by the Juce.Before I get my hands in it,I would like know whether there is also a muture database model/classes provided for generic db programming.

It would be grateful if anybody could help.



Welcome! I’m not really from a database background, so it’s never been a priority for me to add that. It’s occasionally crossed my mind, but TBH nobody has ever requested it before, so I kept quiet!

It’s probably a pretty straightforward thing to add, but I really don’t know much about DBs, really…


Thank you so much for your prompt reply!

I think it is reasonable to add db into Juce,the reason is very simple:Juce is great enough to do things in just one library,no need to refer to 3rd party db lib.I also think maybe it is good enough to get sqlite3 work first as a good begining.Of course I mean wrapper classes for sqlite3 in Juce,not sqlite3 in C.



It works, thanks to Kraken.