Does JUCE support FAUST?

In Faust master dev folder, There is a JUCE file in architecture folder. Does JUCE support FAUST?

If yes , then where do I start?

Any help will be appreciated :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Probably the other way around : FAUST supports outputting JUCE compatible source code.

ok, Thank you for reply, can I get any simple example of such project??

if you download the latest faust, and install it you can use the faust 2 JUCE script to convert a faust .dsp, to a jucer project. alternatively you can use the online compiler to spit out a JUCE project


So how is this actually integrated in a JUCE project, say VST? I watched a couple videos but I am missing a piece of the workflow.

FAUST generates dsp and UI from it’s functional language and compiler, how does that continuously integrate into your JUCE project?

Starting from a dsp file you either use:


I have FaustLive installed. Can use it to convert my dsp code to make it compatible with JUCE project??

Yes, from FL export function, you can chose the “JUCE” platform, then choose either “application” (a JUCE standalone), or synth (possibly polyphonic MIDI controllable plugin using the JUCE polyphonic code) or “plug-in” (possibly polyphonic MIDI controllable plugin using the Faust polyphonic code).

Thank you so much