Faust, Polyphonic synth plugin project generated using faust2juce, VST builds but does not respond to MIDI input

I’m attempting to create a basic tonewheel organ synthesizer as a VSTi, for toolkit familiarization for a uni project. I’m using the Faust programming language to define the DSP and tweakable parameters and export it as a JUCE project using the built-in faust2juce command packaged in the compiler, then building using Visual Studio 2019.

The Faust code is supposed to be compatible for use for a polyphonic synth with MIDI as detailed here. It is exported using faust2juce -midi -nvoices 12 [file].dsp.

I’m able to build a VST2 .dll that is detected as an instrument in Ableton Live 10 but does not seem to respond to MIDI. I can also build a standalone program that also behaves the same way - but the program can output audio from the built-in options menu with a output select and test tone button with my main output device selected.

I’ve tried multiple versions of the VST SDK that include the legacy code for VST2, namely vstsdk3610_11_06_2018_build_37 as suggested by JUCE and the latest (vstsdk3613_08_04_2019_build_81) with the missing legacy code included. I’m building on Windows 10 Home using Visual Studio 2019, Windows SDK 10.0.18362.0.

Notably, building the same project generated by faust2juce on a Mac with Xcode generates a usable plugin compatible with Garageband, which isn’t really the target platform.

I’m sorry if this only tangentially related to JUCE and I’m unable to explain most of the issues on my end but I was wondering if anyone has had any experience/issues with this, as I am already at a loss as to what the issue could be. Thank you for your time.

Can you try the compiled VST plugin in Ableton Live 10 on OS X? (just tried with the clarinetMIDI example https://github.com/grame-cncm/faust/blob/master-dev/examples/physicalModeling/clarinetMIDI.dsp in Ableton 9 on OS X and it works)

And be sure to follow the “freq/gate/gain” convention in the DSP code as explained here: https://faust.grame.fr/doc/manual/index.html#midi-polyphony-support