Does Label.setText() call Label listener - labelTextChanged()?

I wonder if function Label.setText() calls the listener labelTextChanged()?
Or is it called only when text is changed by computer keyboard?
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Why don’t you try it?
But let me help you with a link to the doc:

You also could look at the code directly :slight_smile:
Those are the 3 ways to figure it out :slight_smile:

Thanks for info and sorry for being lazybones :slight_smile:

JUCE’s doc is very good… VERY good. A website definitely worth bookmarking!
You can also generate it yourself using doxygen to have it locally on your computer. First thing I do after a JUCE update.
And you’ll find so many answers there :slight_smile:

Aha…!!! that is great. I always wonder what is all about that dontSendNotification