Drag and drop audio file from Finder to plugin

Hi all,

I am trying to drag an audio file into my AU plugin editor - I have made the editor a FileDragAndDropTarget (also tried DragAndDropTarget), but isInterestedInFileDrag never gets called when I hover a file on top of the editor.

I made a quick standalone application, and for this it works perfectly.

Additional information about my environment:
MacOS 10.15.4
Logic 10.4.2
Juce 6.0.1


Can you post some code? FileDragAndDropTarget is working fine for me in Logic 10.5, macOS 10.15.5.

Thanks ed95!

If I posted some code, you’d immediately see that I inherited FileDragAndDropTarget wrong (forgot public). Everything works now - thanks for replying, so that I knew that I had to pursue it more.