Drag and drop out of plugin into host?

I’ve been looking into the drag and drop handling in JUCE and found the DragAndDropTarget, DragAndDropContainer and FileDragAndDropTarget classes, but I don’t really see how these could be used when dragging objects out of a plugin’s GUI. For example: if I have a list of audio samples, I want to drag a file from the list (in my JUCE-based plugin GUI) into the arrangment Window of my sequencer. Is there a way to do this, and if so: any hints about how to go about doing this?
Thanks (and best wishes!),

good question - I would like to know it too :slight_smile:


Yes, of course those classes are only juce-specific, but you can use DragAndDropContainer::performExternalDragDropOfFiles to do the native version.

OK, missed that somehow, sorry. Should do the trick, thanks!