Drag and Drop "transparence"

Is it possible (or better: is there a simple way) to have 2 components over each other, and the underlying one is a DragAndDropTarget and still reacts to drag’n’drop although there is another one on top of it?

That works fine - if the inner one ignores the drag event, it gets passed up to its parent.

Hmm… I must be doing something wrong then.

I have a custom-made WaveDisplayComponent which is a DragAndDropTarget, and a custom ScrollTextComponent which is partially lying over the WaveDisplayComponent and which is not a DragAndDropTarget.

When I drag something over the WaveDisplay, it reacts (highlights), but when I drag something over the ScrollTextComponent, the WaveDisplay does not react (which I would want to, since the ScrollTextComponent is not a DragAndDropTarget).

The ScrollTextComponent is not a child of the WaveDisplayComponent though.

Is that why it does not work?

Ah, if they’re siblings, then it won’t work. It only searches up the parent component chain, not behind a component at the same level.