File Drag and Drop on component under another

Is there a way to allow file drag and drop on a component thats underneath another component (not a child of)?

Any component can be a DragAndDropTarget, it doesn’t matter where it is in the hierarchy. So I don’t quite understand your question, maybe try explaining better what you mean?

Hi Jules,
So I have a component that sits completely over an app for doing notifications, toasts e.t.c. and underneath that I have a media player with I want to use as Drag and Drop target.

When I remove the notifications component d&d works - I add the notification component but d&d stops working. Is there a way of allowing d&d to propagate to components underneath. I have set isInterestedInFileDrag to false for the notification component but was wondering if the component could be ignored entirely…

Hope that explains the problem.

Maybe you just need to disable hit-testing for the overlay, so that mouse events can get through? e.g. with Component::setInterceptsMouseClicks or overriding Component::hitTest()

Sounds like exactly what I’m after cheers.