Drag and Drop container under another component

Is there a way to allow a component to allow file drop to components underneath (not child)?

hmm i don’t think so. Can you put a fully transparent component at the very top which will accept the drop?

Edit: see Jules’ much better answer: File Drag and Drop on component under another

I believe this is a duplicate of this other topic with the same title: File Drag and Drop on component under another

where Jules gives what I think is the correct answer: use setInterceptMouseClicks() or override hitTest() to prevent the front Component from getting mouse events intended for the one underneath.

I’m reporting this here just in case someone with the same issue reaches this topic instead of the other


Yup. I’ve edited my answer.

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This exchange brought me to this thought: would it be possible to have sort of an “accepted answer” tag/badge, or something like that, to mark the post in a topic that gives the best answer to the asked question?

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