Drag generated audio file to DAW

Hi all,

We are working on an application (standalone + plugin) that generates an audio file to be dragged into a DAW.

Just before drag and drop, the audio file is generated and saved to Documents/[CompanyName]/[ProductName].
After saving, we call DragAndDropContainer::performExternalDragDropOfFiles to allow the user to drag it into a DAW

We set the canMoveFiles flag to true hoping that the DAW moves the audio file into a project folder (we tried setting it to false as well). Unfortunately, some DAW’s don’t respect this hint and they import the sample with a link to the original file. This means that if a user deletes the cache folder, the DAW project will contain a missing audio file.

Is there an obvious solution that I am missing? I’m curious to hear how other people solve this problem.


All you can tell your users is, “don’t do that”. Or at least if they want to do that they need to “consolidate” their projects first.

It’s an annoying “problem”, because you inevitably have the customers whose DAWs do import the files into their project complaining about the temporary files clogging up disk space for no reason.