DragAndDrop Source?


Does juce have a drag and drop source feature? I may just be being blind but obviously I would rather not have to write one if there is one or anyone has written one for it.

I am just wanting to be able to export midifiles generated by an audio-unit strait into the host DAW and if there is a way of generating files to be dragged and dropped elsewhere that exists already that would be amazing.


Of course: see FileDragAndDropTarget


I might of phrased the question badly. DragAndDropTarget is perfect if you want to drag stuff into a juce app, but is there a built in method of dragging FileOutputStreams out of juce?

If you can do it with DragAndDropTarget, I don’t see how? (But I am just learning all this!)


Is DragAndDropContainer::performExternalDragDropOfFiles (const StringArray& files, bool canMoveFiles) what you’re after?


Looks promising dave, thank you! I’ll try it out tomorrow.