DragAndDropContainer::performExternalDragDropOfFiles and Mac

Hi all,
I have a file drag’n’drop feature in my plugin and I encounter some problem with Ableton Live on VST.
I I call performExternalDragDropOfFiles then when I close my plugin (deleting Ableton track) Live crashes.
Does anyone encounters the same kind of issue?


you are probably trying to delete the dragged file twice

Do you mean deleting the File object or the file on the disc.
The file object is deleted just after the call of the method because it is a local to my method and about the file on the disc, I tried with canMoveFiles set true or false and it crashes.

Seriously, we don’t need to see the whole crash log! The crashed thread is in Ableton’s own code, so not sure what to suggest about that. Maybe the file you’re giving it is causing it problems?