Drag'n'drop question

In my JUCE application the user is able to perform drag’n’drop from a FileTreeComponent to a class that inherits from TableListBox.
It is further possible to drag’n’drop from the TableListBox onto another custom Component.

I don’t want the FileTreeComponent and the TableListBox to draw (semi-transparent) the item being dragged. I just want the Mouse Cursor to change. How do I do that?

Yeah, you can drag and drop to anything you want if you make it a draganddroptarget.

There’s a method in there somewhere that can supply the image used when dragging, so just override that to return an empty transparent image, and that’ll get rid of it for you.

Ok, for the TableListBox this is createSnapshotOfSelectedRows(). But let’s say I change this function so that it returns an empty Image, this will still not make the Mouse Cursor change. Is it possible to make the Mouse Cursor change while dragging?

I never added anything to do that explicitly, because I think it looks better to use an image that gets dragged. You could set the cursor yourself though - that’s easy enough to do.

It’s easy, but I don’t see any other way then changing the JUCE source code for obtaining what I want, i.e. a custom Image when dragging from a FileTreeComponent or a TableListBox.

Would it be possible to add some function for ListBox / TableListBox that gives the programmer the possibility to create a custom image for dragging (the possibility not to use createSnapshotOfSelectedRows ( ) ), also being able to return 0 for no Image?

Why? Because when multiple rows are selected, the movement becomes really sluggish (even on my not so bad Centrino-based laptop) and it also becomes a big mess on the screen (imho).