Drawing pseudo-3D circles / ellipses?

I am working throught the Getting Started with JUCE book and experimenting with some circle and ellipse algorithms for a project idea. 

I wonder if its possible to have a Path have different properties, e.g. line thickness and opacity per line/segment. 

I am working on some kind of pseudo-3D rendering of circles and wish to have varying thickness to simulate the nearer and further parts of an angled 2d circle in 3d space. I want to avoid using OpenGL 3D stuff for now as I am trying to make the code as efficient as possible. 

Currently I am making multiple calls to g.DrawLine, which I realise may not be the most efficient way to do this, but it allows me to alter the properties of each segment of the circle. 

I wonder if its worth looking into using Bezier curves instead?

Any tips much appreciated. 

You'd need to generate the appropriate curves by mapping 3D->2D coords and build the path yourself.

And no, it's certainly not possible for Paths to be anything more than a series of points - what you're asking for is some other kind of object that may use a Path when drawing itself, but is certainly not the same thing.