Request : sinus and cosinus in path


It would be great if we could draw sinus/cosinus curves with path. I've been looking around internet but I couldn't found a simple and efficient way to recreate those curves using bezier curves ...

The Path class can only do beziers, it can't be extended to handle anything else. I don't know anything about those types of curve, but there's probably a way to approximate them with beziers..

Hm, if it could be persuaded to do NURBS maybe… with Béziers, it’s tricky, and hard to get right.
I guess the Path system might be in for a major rewrite if there happen to be more people requesting this?

Nope, the path class will always use only beziers, because that's what all the underlying drawing engines use.

But any curve can be approximated with beziers, if you figure out an algorithm to do it!