Drawing wave a form of current audio

Im trying to draw the wave form of the audio that's currently playing in an AudioSourcePlayer,not the whole track, is there any way to do this?

or is there any way to draw the wave form of audio that´s currently playing in the ouput selected of the AudioDeviceManager?

Well, you'd have to intercept the audio at whatever point you want to measure it, and feed that data to your waveform component. For example you could write a dummy AudioSource that just passes-through its audio but measures it, and you insert that wherever you want in the signal chain to measure it.

There's a live waveform view in the "Audio: Recording" page of the JUCE demo.

Yep I've found that a really useful starting point for my current project.. look for LiveScrollingAudioDisplay in the JUCE demo.



Thanks for your help, Im going to try this