Windows::JUCE Demo::AudioDemo::WaveformDisplay is dumb

Hi all! If you run JUCE Demo (I tried the Windows one) you will notice that in AudioDemo the waveform display does nothing during the sound playback.
The problem is in the AudioInputWaveformDisplay class (AudioDemo.cpp)
The audioDeviceIOCallback method deals with an input buffer while it should look into the output one. There is a little code inside. Just change everything to take the data from the output buffer, recompile and that’s it - you can enjoy a display of the running audio thumbnail.

Hi capy Tan,

don’t think that this is a problem, as it is an AudioInputWaveformDisplay. So it is supposed to show your audio input…

Hi inge! Cool then… Let’s say this display can be easily re-purposed between input and output…

agreed :slight_smile: