Dumbass vc express question:

I’m stumped.

How the hell does one go about building application icons into exes with vce? There doesn’t seem to be a resource file with vce, and whilst you can create your own, you can’t edit either.

Currently the only way I can see to add an icon to an app is by using a 3rd party icon hacker.

It doesn’t have a resource editor, but it can compile resources if you give it a .rc file and stick the icon in its “resources” section in the file view. The .rc file just seems to need one line:


that did it!

cheers jules.

Wait, since when does VC not have a resource editor?


A resource editor is a basic thing… why wouldn’t it have it? I could understand not having the gui forms creator and such (as if anyone should use them), but a resource editor?

dunno what your talking about. never used one in me puff.