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I’ve been looking for a new solution. I’m just waiting for you guys to be in business for a while. Last thing a medium company like myself wants to do is switch over to a new platform and you guys decide you on’t want to do it anymore.

By the way, I’m using LimeLM/TurboActivate


Hi Jamal,

Concerning your complaint, you haven’t reached us for any requests concerning your needs about Keyzy and in our final communication, you clearly stated that since Keyzy is new, you’ll be looking for other options. Please let us know if you communicated any request that we missed. Thanks.


Perhaps you misunderstood me. I’ve already been using Turbo.Activate/LimeLM for the past 6 years and I’m in the market for looking for another service. So it would be a risk switching all of my products over to a new service.

We have not made any requests sent to you, but we do wish you luck. This is something that has been needed severely in the industry is a good software licensing tool.


Thank you Jamal,

We’re working hard on Keyzy and feedback coming from our users makes development go in the right direction.

Yes, I agree that it’s a risk to switch from one service to another. I mentioned that risk in a different manner in our Should You Use Bonus Solutions blog post. But I assure you that if you decide to switch to Keyzy, you won’t regret it. Our support will guide you from the start to end. What’s more, you’ll pay less.



I don’t mind people showing what they are working on, I am actually very interested.
But a bi-weekly newsletter? Come on…


Hi Daniel, I don’t want to disturb anyone. If anyone is uncomfortable with my posting on this thread, please like Daniel’s reply.


I’m really sorry guys, I’ll use this thread rarely.