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Hi Guys,

I use my own licensing solution for Volko Audio. It’s a web based system. I can create serials and distribute to the client (plugins) or website (volkoaudio.com). When a user buy a product, the system assigns a serial key to the user for a specific sku and when the user wants to reach the serial then the system sends the serial to the plugin or website.

I’m wondering, how many plugin developers would like to use that type of system for their plugins. The plugin developer won’t install anything on the server side. My server will serve for every request. The developer only creates the products and the skus. After that create serials then use it. It’s a API based system. On the client side, the developer just needs to call API endpoints.

If somebody interested it, I would like to know and I’m here to answer for all questions.

p.s. there is no protection system.


I’d be interested in something that avoids me having to manage a server in order to check for serial numbers. I’ve been looking at OwlSend for a client and that requires server-to-server calls to securely check license data. Any more details you can share?

There’s the tracktion marketplace, with a ready-made juce module that does all the serial number stuff for you…


Is the Tracktion Marketplace open to general audio apps? Or is it limited to Tracktion compatible plugins/add-ons? Also what kind of hardware would be suitable for sale there?

No, we sell both our own and 3rd party plugins that work in other DAWs. Contact woody@tracktion.com if you’ve got a good product you think we’d be interested in.

Thanks for your interest.

This is a completely serial number management system. It’s not handling payment part.

You can create products and make connections with an sku. One sku can serve many products. You can manage bundles with one sku (When you sell a bundle, just give one serial to a user).

It manages different sellers for you. If you have 3 dealers and distributors, you can separately follow which dealer/distributor activated which serial. You can assign serials a specific dealer.

It gives you an API interface. When you have a new order, you call an API and get a free serial. When the user enter it’s serial number to your plugin, you can check it’s a valid serial.

It keeps a user’s name and email information too.

It also has a WooCommerce plugin and manages to sell and to query from the server which is very nice if you use WooCommerce store.

Can you explain how it would work with a JUCE app/plugin, i.e. can a serial be linked to a specific machine ID? Do you have a website or API docs available?

The client part is a bit up to you.

When you create a product on the system, you can specify two signature code (one for the full product and the other one for trial if you use) and a key. When your client request, it can have a crypted file or the serial’s itself.

You can use the system’s crypt algorithm on the client side (it’s a pure c++ library) or can use your own solution.

After a while, you’ll be able to send a machine ID to the server and get the crypted file for a specific machine.

Because of only I use it for now, I don’t have an API doc but it’ll be added to the system.

I want to update this thread with the new news.

Now, Keyzy server is working with new updates. I would like to put the features here:

  • Products: You can create products.
  • SKUs: The SKU feature allows you to control your bundles and you can create SKUs for a combination of products. The same products can also be attached to a variety of SKUs. When you provide a serial number to a user, this serial number will be able to activate many products.
  • Dealers: You can track your dealers by using serial numbers. You can also track the activations of their users.
  • Activations: You can track all the activations of your users.
  • Maximum Host Number: You can limit the number of times that a user activates a product on different devices. For example, if you limit your product activation to three devices, it will return an error message, if activated on a fourth.

In the client side, you just need to call one end-point. It returns OK or an Error message that you can let the user use your plugin or not.

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Hi Folks,

We have just published our marketing website. Keyzy Peasy Painless Serial Number Manager please let me know your opinion in here or via keyzy.io.


Special thanks for @adamski, he uses Keyzy service as a developer and we’re glad for that.

@volkanozyilmaz Is the pricing per month or a one of? It’s not very clear.


@refinedmusic Sorry for that, we’ll update that missing part. The prices are monthly. We’ll add annually prices too.

Just for your info, the first thing I checked was, if your site has an imprint, WITH a postal address of the company, a name, a phone number, a tax-id.

Also, for such a security relevant stuff, default https encryption, with a valid certificate should be mandatory from the beginning on.

This is a not very good first impression.


Hi @chkn,

First of all, thank for your criticism. I hope I could persuade you with my reply.

Keyzy is following the start-up culture. We’re on the way and we share what we do when we do. I’m using Keyzy back-end for years for Volko Audio and in a moment, we decided to share this service who possibly need it. BTW, I’m thinking to share my experience with Volko Audio and why I need to make Keyzy service too in a blog or podcast. At this moment we don’t have a company and we don’t charge people yet. We need to see if people really interested this type of service.

At this moment, we just want to know that If the idea is OK for you and in the future you can use it or not. If you like to use it, that would be very good news for us and I assure you that you’ll be satisfied our company formation and the other information you like to see :slight_smile:

About SSL, of course, our licensing system uses an SSL certificate from the beginning of Keyzy. We’ll add an SSL certificate to marketing site soon.

I hope I changed your first impression.

I feel like you overshot here. I get the feeling that most of us here don’t need half the features you describe on that website, and need more information (what about offline activation? do you provide a C++ API/JUCE module for me to include in my digital products?). If I needed the features you offered at the price you want, I’d go for more well known licensing tools.

Not to mention I already need a web server to host my website and digital products… at the moment I’m going to keep using JUCE’s existing licensing tools and some simple scripts.

This doesn’t seem like a “simple” licensing solution, rather overly complex… could you offer a stripped down plan (literally all I need is serial key generation, online/offline activation, and a user database), with less draconian terms at a lower price? Then I’d be interested…


Hey @Holy_City,

Thanks very much for your feedback. I see that you don’t need to use dealer, bundle, max host size or some reports features, you just want to use serial key generation, deposit and activation system if I don’t misunderstand you. I think we can work this out.

I can supply some sample code for the client side and offline activation. We use a crypt algorithm with user information in a file on the client side for Volko Audio. But this is not part of Keyzy service at this moment, we have plans to add some client side features in the future.

Hi All,

We’ve posted our first blog article. Please let me know your opinion.


Hello Guys,

We released our Frontend! Now, you can create your account and instantly start to use the system. We’re also preparing a client library which will support offline activation as well. Please let us know your opinion, we use very good ticketing system.