Is there an online activation key management service?

Hi JUCErs,

Before building something myself, I try to always research how much would it cost to just use a ready-made solution.

For activation of plugins, I would like to use the OnlineUnlock(Status&Form), but I am wondering if there are online services where you can generate key pairs and provide web API to create/delete/flag activation keys?

I’ve previously built something like that, but if there is a reasonably priced service, it may not be worth it to support yet another web server.


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@volkanozyilmaz has set up which provides that service.
I’m also now integrating Paddle SDK into a client’s macOS and Windows app and so far its been great, both for developer ease and smooth UX.
(I’ll be releasing a small C++ wrapper for the Objective C code soon :wink:)


Thank you @adamski for your mention.

Hi @tsenkov, I think Keyzy can fit your needs. If you’re interested in, please let me know.

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Paddle SDK and DaveMate are great!


LimeLM ( using TurboActivate.

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The key to any authorization system, IMHO, is longevity. It doesn’t matter how good the service is. If the company goes out of business or goes down, then what happens to your customers. This may be fine for a few customers, but what about a few hundred. You need to consider this.

I checked out Paddle as I’m open to other services besides what I use with LimeLM, but it looks like they take a chunk per sale. I’m not a fan of that at all.

Can you elaborate more on the pricing?

Looks like Paddle and DevMate are linking up or merging:

Oh, it’s “DevMate” not “DaveMate” - I couldn’t find anything when @fazman first posted it as “DaveMate”, hahah.

Totally agree on your point about the longevity and matureness of the service.

I have to take a closer look at the pricing offered, but what Keyzy and LimeLM offer seems more reasonable to me, than what I saw with Paddle SDK. 5% + $0.5 is way too much of a margin in my opinion, but then I still don’t have a feel for the dynamics of sales in this sector, so I might be wrong. I am more inclined towards a subscription plan at the moment.

Thanks very much for the useful info, @MIDIculous .

P.S. What does the user count in all the plans in LimeLM mean? These are management accounts, right - those managing all licenses from their site? So 2 users would be 2 accounts managing the same products on LimeLM?

Well DevMate is way more inclusive. You get:

  1. Authorization Licensing
  2. Trials
  3. Auto Software Updates
  4. Crash Logging

Downfall is that it’s Mac only right now. The Windows is in Beta.

Honestly speaking, I have had my issues with LimeLM. It’s a bit of a pain, but noting else is as solid.

We went with Paddle for this project for its ease of integration (saves a lot of development time), nice UX, and its all-in-one package - it takes care of assocating machine IDs with license keys and all that, so it saves on server costs. Also DevMate looks very good, providing user update notifications and deep analytics, and yes looks like they are merging with Paddle.

Agree re: relying on a company to handle this stuff, I’ll take a look at LimeLM not heard of that before.

@MIDIculous What problems did you have with LimeLM?

Curious about that. Because I have also wondered about how to implement licensing.

Periodically, I get people that just can’t get it working. I would say it works 95% of the time, but there are some other cases, where it just fails. There are some privilege issues and it’s very hard to debug. It’s not simple to to implement at all.

Now it could be the developers I hired, but it’s not easy at all…

I would much rather something more simple to implement. Something like DevMate looks so easy.

Hey @adamski …I have a few questions about Paddle:

  • Is it easy to implement
  • How secure is it from cracking? I know nothing is perfect, but is ie somewhat secure?
  • Can you batch create serial numbers to be distributed from your website?
  • Can you use your own serial numbers? I would want to transfer my existing serials over to the new system.

I would like to know if someone has experience with the Windows integration of DevMate?

The beta has started about a year ago which sounds like enough time to reveal potential big issues, if the service is heavily used.

@MIDIculous to answer your questions:

Yes extremely easy to implement. Took me a few hours to write an Objective-C wrapper for their framework and integrate it into a JUCE
OSX project. They provide a C++ API for Windows so just a few lines of code are needed there.

I have no idea about the level of security. The client for this project is not too bothered by this so I didn’t look into it.

I couldn’t see an option to batch create serials but there might be that option. Check their API docs. Also not sure about creating your own serials. Think you can create special offers or coupons though.

What I like about it is that its all integrated into the app. The whole payment process - the user does not need to leave your app, only to get the license key from.their email.

Paddle and Devmate are payment processors only. They don’t have serial number authorization services only. You have to allow customers to pay with them. I am not interested in changing my entire structure for this.

This seems to be a very big opportunity for someone to create. The choices are very very slim. I’m going to take a look at Fastspring.

We transfer your old serials to our system in Keyzy.

There is no client-side protection.

I haven’t got any issues for Keyzy.

It’s very easy to use. We’ve just put two sample projects for client-side with JUCE and RestClientCpp.

There is one more important point that I’m here to help always :wink:

Please let me know all of your questions.

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In the future, we’ll talk to Avid, XChangeMarket and Plugivery to integrate Keyzy with their system. Then after, you won’t need to worry about serial number copy and paste to their system.

@adamski do you still use Paddle on windows? are you using the new C# thing or the old, deprecated C++ thing? did you ever publish your C++ Wrapper for Mac?