Easy OpenGL Example?

I’m trying to code an little 3D component which should only load a 3D Object and rotate is. Although the OpenGL Demo of Juce is doing exactly that I would appreciate a more minimalistic Demo with build in Code for loading the figure.

The Structure of the Demo app confuses me somehow. I can’t clearly see what I need and what I don’t need…

Is there anythink out there? That would be very nice!


More (less?) minimal than the \JUCE\examples\OpenGLAppExample ?

The minimal code to load an 3D object and display it…
Would be very nice!

There’s a class (WavefrontObjParser.h) used in the Demo…
But some assembly is required…

Yes. I saw. But I meant not only the loading but also the showing…

There are some things I don’t understand which aren’t commented. E.g. Why

if (MainAppWindow* mw = MainAppWindow::getMainAppWindow()) mw->setRenderingEngine (0);

? And much more.

EDIT: I have now implemented the functions and structs in my component. But it doen’t show any

I have attached my *.cpp and my *.h file. Perhaps somebode can see there anything helpful?
CPP file
H file

EDIT2: Hmm. corrected the code so far, everything loads (Textures, etc.), I see the light blue background, but no teapot :frowning:

Edit3: I now get “something” rendered, but it doesn’t look like the right model. I don’t know where to edit.
The JUCE OpenGl Demo is not good for learning. That’s the only think I know so far. Thats my actual component:

CPP file
H file

Any help would be very appreciated!

Somebody? I’m a little bit helpless