Easy to use? I just don't get it... help

All these reviews on SourceForge say Juce is "easy to use". But how do you download the source code? I don't see a download button.

And where's the GUI designer? From reading the documentation I have no idea where it could possibly appear.

Easy? No. Confusing? Yes.


Please help!






There's a big "downloads" button at the top of every page on this website - when you click it, there's a whole page of instructions.. What could I possibly have done to make it any more obvious!?! 

And you just get the code from github, like pretty much every other open-source library these days!

..and the introjucer's got its own page of instructions, also right there under the "documentation" menu.. 



I'm a new user and am evaluating it for buying a license for a future project. I don't see clear step by step documentation, with the exception of some of the external website tutorials. 

In the case of the Introjucer link above I don't see much in terms of instructions. That looks more like a feature list than instructions. I don't see an answer there to Paul's question about where the GUI designer is. I found the answer, but it was on an external site and in a Juce book - not on that page..

Am I missing where the step by step documentation is?

I guess I could add a bit more info about how the introjucer works, though TBH I've had very few people ask for this, as it's not really that much different in design to most other IDEs. But sure, I should probably explain where the GUI designer is hidden.

If it was easy it wouldn't be worth doing right?!?

1) Download https://github.com/julianstorer/JUCE/archive/master.zip

2) Unzip.

3) Open the Introjucer project in your chosen IDE and build it.

4) Open Introjucer, create new application with basic window, create build targets. Save.

5) Open newly created project and build.

GUI Designer, sorry, no idea. Never used it.  

Rory, the GUI designer is only availble when you're creating a new component. It's convienient for laying out composit controls.   Hopefully one day IntroJucer will will allow you to layout everything.  :)  hint hint. 

the GUI designer is only availble when you're creating a new component

To clarify a bit, in the Introjucer, with the Files tab selected, right click on the Source folder, and click "Add new GUI Component". It's not enough to say "Add new Component Class..." (either option) if you want to use the GUI Editor within Introjucer.

Hopefully one day IntroJucer will will allow you to layout everything.

Maybe you found this out already, but did you know that you can add a "New Generic Component" and specify the class, including constructor params? This allows you to, say, position a WebBrowserComponent in your design. Of course you don't get a live preview, but it does make positioning things easier.

To this end, the big daddy of the Introjucer is the Projucer, with a release date of TBD:


Note the remark about allowing editing of any valid Component class.

Unfortunately, this is one of those things that jules is either working on in secrecy or hasn't had time for, so who knows when/if we'll see the Projucer in action. Also, there has been some passionate debate over whether such a thing is "good":


What I'm saying is don't get your hopes up about jules adding anything to the Introjucer/Projucer. But if there's a particular component/feature you want, you could add it to the Introjucer yourself since you have the source (sounds daunting, but I'm pretty sure jules has given this answer before).

Like I mentioned in another thread, this is a one man show, and jules gets pulled in 1,000,000 different directions here. It's not quite like other open source projects that have multiple maintainers, but on the bright side, the code is homogenous and fits together well.