How can I use the Design user interfaces

how can I use the Design user interfaces?
I can not find where I can use this function
pls help
Thank you

Hi, if you are new to JUCE maybe you should start off going through some tutorials.

I just don’t know how to open the Design user interfaces function,Thank you

You design your user interfaces in Projucer.

In Projucer, GUI Editor -> Add new component

Thats how I started. However, I would recommend learning how to code interfaces by hand. The tutorials will get you off to a good start.

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I can not use the GUI editor

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how can I fix this problem?

You are looking at the menu to add sub components.

In Source right click to select “New GUI Component” - it will ask for a filename
After adding that new source file, select it and the code editor will turn into the GUI editor showing an empty sheet to place components into it.

Then theses menu will be enabled.


I already have some code how can I open GUI editor?

The GUI editor responds to a special keyword in the comments section, where a XML representation of the components exists.
The easiest for you is to create a new one and copy your existing code into the new skeleton.

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