New to projucer... Can't find how to edit GUI!

Hi all,

I’m back to using JUCE after a 3 year pause… I used tu use Introjucer to edit my GUI (which in general is quite basic… I only do audio apps for testing hearing and auditory cognition).

I just dowloaded the ast version of JUCE to start a new app (intend to build for osX & Windows). I start creating my project with projucer (basic app with single window) but the GUI editor menu’s entries are all grayed. Therefore I can’t add a component or anything else…

Does I need a “Live coding” activation for using the GUI editor features ? Or did I miss something ?

Thanks in advance



Oooo, yes !!!
How stupid I am not trying a right click !

But I find quite strange that it is not possible the default “MainComponent” generated by producer when creating a GUI project with a simple window… However that’s not a problem…

thanks for your answer !