Starting with ProJucer

I’m just starting with Projucer having done a lot of previous development in C++ builder and other visual development tools.
I’m doing GUI development and can’t find any information on the workflow of Projucer and I’m afraid that like a lot of other GUI tools, that I’m not working correctly.
I’ve created several components in Projucer and then find myself editing code in Visual Studio as the editing functionality of Projucer seems to be disabled :frowning:
Is doing my editing in VS the wrong approach?
In Projucer, I can create a new component using “Add new GUI component” under GUI editor but all options under “Add new component” are disabled! How do I enable them?

The GUI editor in the Projucer is deprecated, it is no longer developed by the Juce team. It is recommended to not use it anymore. The option to still enable using it is for legacy projects people may still have around.