Eclipse project exporter

anybody interested in writing a project eporter for Eclipse(CDT) for the jucer?
We have now exporters for xcode, visualstudio, and for linux there’s only a makefile exporter.
It would be nice to have also projects for eclipse.
I’m not using eclipse at the moment, but I’m really interested in it.

I would love that. I have tried to compile a JUCE in Mac Eclipse, and never had any luck.

i would prefer a qt-creator project file exporter :slight_smile:
now with version 2.0 i’m very fond of it on all the platforms !

Kraken, did you manage to make Qt-creator work also on mac os?
I tried to, but I always get troubles with the objective-c code.
This happens also for Eclipse, maybe I’m missing something obvious?

A qt-creator exporter would also be very interesting!