JUCE Qt project!


Have you planned add to Projucer export JUCE project to Qt project?
If yes can i help you with that?

Thanks for attentions!

Isn’t Qt a kind of alternative to JUCE, I don’t think creating a Qt project from a JUCE project would make sense would it!?

Anyone tried combining the two? E.g. Juce components within a Qt app…

Yes, i have a Qt project with Juce.

Qt specific is different. JUCE more powerful with audio than Qt - Qt more powerful with GUI, for example.
Me using JUCE for playback audio stream and Qt for Player GUI.

There are many threads about it… Use the forum search. If you enter qt it says “Search term too short”, but if you put quotation marks around it it finds various threads about people using this combination.

For me, I used QT for many years (since 2001) but since I use juce (for one year now) I don’t want to keep both sides up to date. You are correct, that QT on gui side is more sophisticated, some things are just different. My current projects are simple enough that I can live without QT, but I can understand that some find this combination useful.

I think the original poster means he would like Projucer to create qmake .pro files, which can be used with the Qt Creator IDE.

Yes, but steel, its not a problem create projucer option for export to Qt .pro file, but its can be very helpfull

Yes you right! Its simple.

Have a look here:

Greetings, I’m learning programming and I am trying to develop something similar but i can’t figure out the right way. Could you give me some directions or a couple of hints? Thanks

Hi! Could you pls contacts me in Skype for details?

Sure, what’s your name in skype?


Hi everyone! I make a simple example for it:

and my LinkedIn:

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