Edirol PCR-M80 issue


Hi Jules,

I use the juce AudioDeviceManager with midi input.
So far everythings works fine except for an edirol PCR M80.
I don’t receive any midi input in my app.

Looking at the code, the midi message is received but not forwarded to my app because of the test in AudioDeviceManager::handleIncommingMidiMessageInt
md == source.

The same thing happen in the juceDemo.

Any idea what it could be ?



Odd. What are the two pointers that don’t match? Are you 100% sure that you’ve passed the right object to addMidiInputCallback?


I’ve dig a little deeper.
The real issue seems to be in AudioDeviceManager::initialise which only
call setMidiInputEnabled but addMidiInputCallback is indeed never called with the value saved.

Where should be addMidiInputCallback called after an initialize ?


ok nevermind.
best thing to do is always call addMidiInputCallback with null string as first argument and all those issue dissapear.