Plugging in midi device when app is running

I can’t activate midi input devices that got connected to my computer after my application started. The AudioDeviceSelectorComponent shows the new input devices, and lets me choose them, but AudioDeviceManager::addMidiInputCallback is never getting called.
I could replicate the behavior with the Plugin Host app as well.
Is there some easy step that I’m missing? How can I make it work?

Why would that be called? It’s your own code that’s supposed to call that method.

because it’s the only place (correct me if I’m wrong) that adds to the midiCallbackDevices list, which gets checked in the AudioDeviceManager::handleIncomingMidiMessageInt

It’s the method you should call to register your own callback. It has nothing to do with devices being added or removed.

ahh, it starts making sense to me now. So, I listen to the change broadcaster, and adjust my callbacks when a device enabled changes.