Enable minimal rebuild f****d up?

i’ve started the visual c 6 as usual, loaded the juce and ejuce projects, made some tweak on a couple of files and started a new build. strangely it recompiled the whole juce lib and my ejuce lib, plus my plugin dll… strange i thought, probably some project files were changed tho. after i changed 1 line of the plugin and restarted the build (with minimal rebuild turned on): wtf it always recompiles everything ! after a couple of test i destryed my vc6 install ation and fired up installing vc express, cause i think if i have to reinstall this is a time for a change. the same result in here ! i tried turn off minimal rebuild, recompile all, then turn it on but nope… it always recompiles all the projects that are dependence of the project i’m compiling !!! anyone experienced this behaviour ? i googled looking for some experiences like this but seems that noone have this kind of problem… :frowning:

pliz help…

sometimes i’m not sure which ones are going to be rebuilt so i just right-click the project i want to build, and click "Project Only -> Rebuild Only … "

ok you right, but this fucking stuff worked yesterday !
bwah mikrofcuck compilers

Could be that one of your files has a wrong time or date. Sometimes if a file gets a date in the future, it’ll always get rebuilt…

thanx jules :wink:
you saved me. sometimes little things that you don’t expect raise up.
for some reason my puter finished the mobo battery. then my clock was backward a couple of months. call me a stupid but i didn’t realize that the clock was fucked off… strangely the hour and minutes were correct so i didn’t managed to fix it. :wink:
what kind of stupid behaviour…

however thanx !