ERROR: -4 IN CALL MusicDeviceMIDIEvent using AUVAL in High Sierra (Solved)

Know why this might happen off the top of your head? We’ve got a plugin that won’t validate on a High Sierra system

I’m having the same issue on High Sierra. Any luck yet in figuring this out?

Nope - but we got a High Sierra system here now so it’s only 15 minutes with a debugger away from a clue I reckon :slight_smile:

I haven’t been able to recreate it yet - just going off a user’s bug report - so any new clues would be much appreciated!

The error code is:

Working on the cause…

Well - it’s pretty tricky to find out what’s return this. I can say that upgrading to the latest JUCE didn’t fix it though. Trying to find somewhere I can put a break point that actuallly results in catching the bloody error :slight_smile:

Solved here: We had ‘Is a synth’ ticked but not ‘wants midi input’ selected in Projucer. Ticking wants midi input removes the error.

(Yes we do have a synth without midi input requirements…)


Wow, its that easy huh?

This makes sense for my case as well.

Thanks for the update!

Hello, but where to select that? In Projucer in settings I see only “Plugin MIDI inputs”, which is one down to checkbox “Plugin is a synth”. Do you mean that? if yes, it doesn’t work for me, I still get error:
ERROR: -4 IN CALL MusicDeviceMIDIEvent

I’m also having problems with that. I had to change from AU type Generator to MusicDevice, now it works. But I wonder if that’s the right procedure. I see in the examples plugins none uses Generator type, only MusicDevice. :-\


Now that I think about it, I may have been using the wrong AU type all this years!! As when selecting MusicDevice Logic shows Instrument, instead of Generator… agh…