ERROR: -4 IN CALL MusicDeviceMIDIEvent using AUVAL in High Sierra (Solved)


Know why this might happen off the top of your head? We’ve got a plugin that won’t validate on a High Sierra system


I’m having the same issue on High Sierra. Any luck yet in figuring this out?


Nope - but we got a High Sierra system here now so it’s only 15 minutes with a debugger away from a clue I reckon :slight_smile:


I haven’t been able to recreate it yet - just going off a user’s bug report - so any new clues would be much appreciated!


The error code is:

Working on the cause…


Well - it’s pretty tricky to find out what’s return this. I can say that upgrading to the latest JUCE didn’t fix it though. Trying to find somewhere I can put a break point that actuallly results in catching the bloody error :slight_smile:


Solved here: We had ‘Is a synth’ ticked but not ‘wants midi input’ selected in Projucer. Ticking wants midi input removes the error.

(Yes we do have a synth without midi input requirements…)


Wow, its that easy huh?

This makes sense for my case as well.

Thanks for the update!