Error: Activity class {.../} does not exist

I’m using the latest projucer from the master branch. Making a new audio project then adding one zip to the android assets folder, adding some other synthesis code. I add the oboe project.

The first run works fine, subsequent runs won’t launch, throwing this error.
I don’t really understand where that Activity file is. Is it generated? Or on Android you can skip having a custom activity and use a default one?

@adamski I know you’ve been working on this stuff. Any ideas why this happens? It works the first run. (p.s. Hi!)

Hey Rob!

The missing activity is actually in bytecode now.

  1. Did you rebuild Projucer from the master branch?
  2. If so, is the “custom activity class” field blank (it should either be blank or point to an existing class)

Hey!! It seems to be working now. The problem happened when switching from debug to release it seems. I just cleaned and rebuilt a couple of time and now it works haha.

I have some other questions about the new android system. I’m trying to upgrade my app the new way. Previously I had separate java class PairingManager that was calling methods in the MainActivity related to Bluetooth stuff, to avoid having to use the Juce bluetooth component. Any ideas how I could call that stuff now?

@adamski sorry to bother you again but I’m struggling with this. I’ve found the JuceMidiSupport class but building fails. The IDE finds it fine, but when building I get this:

error: package com.roli.juce does not exist

Any ideas?

Are you on master, and what does the “custom activity class” field look like in Projucer? It it completely blank or does it have the greyed out default value?

I’m on master, yup.
Custom activity is completely empty. The project type is Static library. It’s linked in my React Native android project like:

 externalNativeBuild {
        cmake {
            path '../../lib/audio-engine/Builds/Android/lib/CMakeLists.txt'

Do I need to add a reference to the java code somewhere too? Or should the CMakeLists.txt pick it up?