Error Compiling with JUCE_STRING_UTF_TYPE=32

Error 1 error C2679: binary '<<' : no operator found which takes a right-hand operand of type 'juce::StringRef' (or there is no acceptable conversion) [...]\juce\modules\juce_core\network\juce_macaddress.cpp 75

Note that compiling with JUCE_STRING_UTF_TYPE=16 is fine.

Thanks! We'll fix this soon :)

Any plans for juce to be hooked up to a continuous integration system? Seems like this type of problem could have been caught way earlier on.

Travis CI is free: .

Yes, very definite plans for that! As soon as we've got this launch out of the way, it'll be top of our to-do-list!

Fantastic! Looking forward to it!

Should be fixed now, thanks again! :)

This change has caused a problem with NewLine operator+ and using a const String…

Changing it to:

    if (bToLogFile)
        Logger::writeToLog (String ("Some constant text") + newLine);
        DBG (String ("Some constant text") + newLine);

lets me compile.


    if (bToLogFile)
        Logger::writeToLog ("Some constant text" << newLine);     <<<----  This fails
        DBG ("Some constant text" << newLine);  <<<---- this is okay


TBH I'm a little surprised that it ever used to work!

the comment in juce_NewLine.h kinda implies that it will…

/** Writes a new-line sequence to a string.
    You can use the predefined object 'newLine' to invoke this, e.g.
    myString << "Hello World" << newLine << newLine;

Simple enough to fix in my code though.



Yeah, I'd have expected << to work, but not +