Error opening Primary Sound Capture Driver :"Bad format

Hi ,everyone
I have a device initialization problem. the error is “bad format”. I use MS vista OS.
when I step into the error, I found the error happened in
juce_win32_DirectSound.cpp file.
the line happened error is ln796.
hr = pDirectSoundCapture->CreateCaptureBuffer();
hr = 0x88780064.
I can not step into the CreateCaptureBuffer();It seems this method can not be stepped into.

any ideas for this problem?

Seems a bit odd. Are you using an unusual soundcard?

Yes, I use mbox2 audio device and it has own driver.
Is any clue about this?

thank you in advance.

ah, digidesign - their drivers do tend to be… unusual… My mbox works ok though.

Not sure what to suggest… If opening the input device is failing, does it work if you just open it for output, without any input channels?

thank you for your reply.
Yes, I think the digidesign driver has some problem. do you know the right driver
I can use Mbox2 in Vista?

Happy new year!


Well, there’s no other driver, though presumably if you use it via asio it’ll be ok.