When installing app: Error opening Primary Sound Capture Driver: "Bad format"


I don’t know if this has anything to do with JUCE, but it may, so I ask the question.

I have an app that uses juce_AudioDeviceSelectorComponent.

On windows when I run the Release or Debug versions either in vs 2017 or the .exe versions (guitarFineTune.exe) everything works fine.

BUT if I make an install package in vs 2017 (Windows Application Packaging Project Visual C++, which I must do to upload the app to Microsoft Store) then things get strange:

If I install the package on the PC where I develop the app and the run the installed app then I get the error message:
Error when trying to configure audio!
Error opening Primary Sound Capture Driver: “Bad format”
and I I go to the AudioDeviceSelector and select Windows Audio and/or Select another input device I get errors like
Error when trying to open audio device!
Couldn’t open the input device!

Further it looks like the app thinks it is running in a smartphone, because it is possible to disable the OS audio processing (I have a check box showing on the UI when that is possible).

The windows an JUCE versions are

Windows specifications
Edition Version Installed on OS build
Windows 10 Pro

JUCE: 5.3.1 (latest from GitHub)

I have uploaded the package to Microsoft Dev Center where it is in certification, so I don’t know what MS finds.

Maybe it is something you JUCE experts can clarify?

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Could this have something to do with sandboxing somehow?

It turns out, that with this version of Windows you Must “Allow apps to access your microphone” in Privacy Settings.

(Further: In the “Windows Application Packaging Project Visual C++” you must NOT click on Microphone in Capabilities).

BTW: The error message from juce if you do not “Allow apps to access your microphone” in Privacy Settings is
Error opening Primary Sound Capture Driver: “Generic error”

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@fabian it would be nice to have a somewhat meaningful error message in this dialog.