Error setting up JUCE on Android

I’m using the Projucer and Android Studio and am getting compile errors from the CMake and library files, maybe I’m missing something obvious but any help would be appreciated! I made a Stack Overflow post about it here

Set the “Minimum SDK Version” to something like 24 (rather than the default of 10).

We’ve changed the default on the develop branch.

I was having the same build issue as reported above for Android (glDrawBuffers not found in global namespace)… removing the line (and the \ at the end of the preceding line):

USE_FUNCTION (glDrawBuffers, void, (GLsizei p1, const GLenum* p2), (p1, p2))

in juce_opengl/native/juce_OpenGLExtensions.h resolved it for me. Using the latest AndroidStudio SDK and NDK versions. Clearly, something weird is going on with OpenGL ES (2 or 3)… need to dig into it more to figure out why it’s happening. Changing minimum SDK version to 24 in projucer didn’t help (same error behavior as 21).